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Jack Benny @ Hollywood Fringe Festival

  • The Three Clubs 1134 Vine Street Los Angeles, CA, 90038 United States (map)

We demonstrate an “impossible play,” an automaton, frustrating the desires for union, resolution, and cleanliness with an endless loop, with an analysis of performance while performing, archaeological and forensic. The actors have developed an attitude that performance is not a thing which one does, but is done upon one… performance as obligation, text as a set of confines, blocking as predictive behavior, repetition as torment and joy, with dissociation of text and meaning, riddles for the audience to puzzle, a lack of completion offering the openness of collaboration, frustrating the desires for union and resolution by an endless loop…

The lyric substance embraces obscurity — poets have no difficulty with that. We make darkness visible. Our mode, suggested partly by the work of proto-surrealists, is to affect a granular experience of what we need at large scale: the line of escape.
Directed by Juli Crockett
Created by Juli Crockett, Gray Palmer, & Guy Zimmerman
Produced by Gabrieal Griego & Guy Zimmerman

Shaughn Buchholz as A
Gray Palmer as B
Jenny Greer as C (and also Trout 5th & 19th) 
Juli Crockett as D
Brian Tichnell as Strange/Wildcard (5th & 19th)

Sound Design by John Zalewski (Live on the 16th, 17th & 19th!)
Lighting Design by Bri Pattillo (Live on the 5th, 17th & 19th!)

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