TinyRhino LA: Valentine's Edition

  • play collaborative arts venue 1018 S Santa Fe Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90021 United States

**TinyRhino is: The Theatrical Drinking Game.**

TinyRhino is back for its third ever Los Angeles edition!

TinyRhino is UglyRhino’s take on the ten-minute play festival. We commission six playwrights to write new plays, each including the same five dramatic elements. You’ll be given a list of these elements. They might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. When they do show up - WE DRINK!

Nathan Birnbaum, Zach Smith, Kimberly Ann Steele, Sigmund Oakeshott, Libe Barer, Christopher Adam-Cohen

Juli Crockett, Taylor Patterson, Soren Ryder-McHugh, Tommy Schultz, Eliza Laytner, Kristen Osborn

$10 tickets include free beer. cash bar.

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